Chapel of St. Mark or Corner

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Chapel of St. Mark or Corner

Chapel of St. MarkGiovanni Corner built this chapel in 1420 and dedicated to St. Mark the Evangelist in memory of his uncle Marco.

The Triptych of St. Mark is signed and dated by Bartolomeo Vivarini in 1474. The beautiful wooden altarpiece that welcomes the work is a typical masterpiece of Gothic art. In the central compartment, St. Mark is sitting on a marble throne, surrounded by angels. To the left are depicted Saint John the Baptist and St. Jerome, on the right St. Peter and St. Nicholas.

The St. John the Baptist sculpture is signed by the Florentine Sansovino and is located on the large baptismal font donated by the family of the Giustiniani in 1826.

  • Artwork: Triptych of St. Mark.
  • Artist/Author: Bartolomeo Vivarini
  • Date: 1474
  • Artistic Technique: Painting
  • Location: Corner Chapel (number 9). See church plan.
  • Artwork: St. John the Baptist.
  • Artist/Author: Jacopo Tatti, called Sansovino
  • Date: 1554
  • Artistic Technique: Sculpture
  • Location: Corner Chapel (number 9). See church plan.