Chapel of the Milanese

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Chapel of the Milanese

Chapel of the MilaneseThe chapel of the Milanese was so named because the Lombard colony, thriving in Venice, obtained by Franciscan friars, since 1361, license to use it. The Brotherhood restored the chapel at his own expense to consecrate it, in 1421, at the bishop of Como Antonio Rusconi. The Pala represents the triumph of St. Ambrose bearing in his right hand the scourge and the crook in his left.

  • Artwork: Saint Ambrose Enthroned with Saints.
  • Artist/Author: Alvise Vivarini and Marco Basaiti
  • Date: 1503
  • Artistic Technique: Painting on panel
  • Location: Milanese Chapel (number 10). See church plan.

The plate commemorates the burial of the famous musician Claudio Monteverdi from Cremona, brother of the School, who died in Venice November 28, 1643.

  • Artwork: Tomb of Claudio Monteverdi.
  • Artist/Author: Anonymous
  • Date: 17th century
  • Artistic Technique: Pavement slab
  • Location: Milanese Chapel (number 10). See church plan.