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The Bernardo Chapel

Basilica dei Frari The Bernardo ChapelEnthroned Madonna and Child with Saints Andrew and Nicholas of Bari, Paul and Peter. In 1482 the Bernardo Venetian family became the owner of this chapel and restored it. The triptych is signed and dated by the artist, Bartolomeo Vivarini. In the central compartment depicting the Virgin Enthroned with the Child on her knees; after the plague of 1631, this painting was considered miraculous and took the name of Madonna della Salute. In the side compartments, on the left, St. Andrew and St. Nicholas of Bari, and on the right, St. Paul and St. Peter. In the upper compartment is depicted Christ died, flanked by two angels in gilded wood. The altarpiece is set in a Renaissance setting attributed to Jacopo da Faenza.

  • Artwork: Virgin Enthroned with Child and Saints (polyptych).
  • Artist/Author: Bartolomeo Vivarini
  • Date: 1482
  • Artistic Technique: Painting on table.
  • Location: Bernardo Chapel (number 20). See church plan.
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