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Caffè Lavena

Caffè Bar Lavena. Caffè Bar Lavena.

Situated on the sun corner of St. Mark's Square, at the foot of the clock building, in front of the church, the Caffé Lavena has been one of Venice's most renowned coffee boutiques since 1750. For many years, has been an elegant meeting place in Piazza San Marco, where you can enjoy the music of its orchestra.

Today, the Caffé Lavena is on the Italian Historical Places, with its precious furnishings and elegant atmosphere, which still exists inside and outside the café, where tourists are invited to experience the illustrious past and the popular traditions of the city, among the tables that face the mosaics of St. Mark's Basilica.

During his many years of activity the Lavena has maintained a production of ice creams and artisan pastry, plus a wide range of aperitifs and house cocktails, prepared with care. That's why Café Lavena is definitely the best choice to make a stop during the visit of Venice.

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