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Chiesa di San Rocco

Chiesa di San Rocco. Chiesa di San Rocco.

The Church of Saint Roch is a Roman Catholic church dedicated to Saint Roch in Venice. It was built between 1489 and 1508 by Bartolomeo Bon the Younger, but was substantially altered in 1725. The façade dates from 1765 to 1771. The church is one of the Plague-churches built in Venice.

This church was built in 1490 and the original larger chapel exists to this day with its two lateral walls. It was the work of Mastro Buono. However, it was rebuilt in (1508), but in the same wretched style. It was again restored in: the middle of the last century, the beautiful front elevation which flow adorns it is by Maccarazzi, the orders employed are the Corinthian and the Composite: it is decorated with seven statues and four fine columns.

The great altar is not only rich, but of a degree of elegance scarcely equalled. This piece of workman-ship is reputed to belong to Mastro Buono, but Venturino modernized it in the seventeenth century. The parapet is studded with the finest marble and the most precious stones. Upon the altar are deposited the relics of the Saint surmounted by his statue sculptured by the same Buono. That of San Bastiano and San Pantaleone are by Mosca. On the walls are to be seen four great paintings by Tintoretto. The Cupola was a precious fresco by Pordenone, but in being restored it underwent a visible change for the Worse. After having examined the cieling of the Vestry and seen the monument of Boselli Grillo as well as that of San Sebastian by Pordenone, the many and beautiful paintings with which the church is crowded may be viewed. The principal are on the right side, the “Annunciation” “the Fishing”, and “the Desert” of Tintoretto, as well as the fine portrait of Salvatore by Titian; on the left, a painting by Zurriani, another by Tintoretto, and, lastly, one more by Pordenone united together.

Map of San Rocco Church

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