Tourist Attractions

Piazzetta di San Marco

The Piazzetta di San Marco is not part of the Piazza but an adjoining open space connecting the south side of the Piazza to the waterway of the lagoon. The Piazzetta lies between the Doge's Palace on the east and Jacopo Sansovino's Libreria which holds the Biblioteca Marciana on the west.


Campo San Polo

The Campo San Polo is the largest campo in Venice, the second largest Venetian public square after the Piazza San Marco. Originally dedicated to grazing and agriculture, in 1493 it was entirely paved, a well (one of the few fountains to be found in Venice) being placed in the middle. It was subsequently used as the scene of many a bullfight, mass sermons and masked balls. After the 17th century the poor's market was moved here from Piazza San Marco.


Campo Santo Stefano

Campo San Stefano, also known as Campo Francesco Morosini (this is the name of the 11th century Doge who once lived here), is located in the Sestiere of San Marco and is one of the largest places in Venice. It is bordered by the homonymous gothic church with remnants of gothic frescoes. Apart from a fine late gothic portal on the Campiello San Stefano, the church features a singular wooden ship's keel roof and several baroque altars.


Campo Santa Margherita

Campo Santa Margherita ranks among one of the favourite recreational areas of both locals and visitors. This wide green area occupies part of the predominantly residential Venetian district Dorsoduro. Massive oaks, thick shrubs, romantic ponds and a striking variety of trees and beautiful flowers enchant visitors and make Campo Santa Margerita the perfect place for a family picnic.


Campo dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo

Campo dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo is among the most attractive squares in Venice, as far as architecture and monuments are concerned. It comes as no surprise that the spot was nicknamed Campo delle Maravege, or 'Square of Marvels'. The most impressive building dominating the campo is the Roman Catholic church, dedicated to Saint Giovanni and Saint Paolo.


Parco delle Rimembranze

The Parco delle Rimembranze or Pineta di Sant'Elena remembers the soldiers that died in the second world war. This pleasant park is full of tall trees, plants and benches. There are also excellent children's play areas, large areas of grass and there is even a roller skating rink. This park is an ideal place for a relaxing picnic.


La Serra dei Giardini - The Greenhouse

Located in Castello, La Serra dei Giardini is just a few minutes from the Giardini della Biennale. Historically known as Serra Margherita (Margherita Greenhouse), was built in 1894 with the intention to create a tepidarium made of glass and iron to host the palm trees and other decorative plants in use at the coeval International Art Exhibition.


Giardini Savorgnan

The Gardens are part of the Palazzo Savorgnan. Represent one of the largest green areas of the city, an area very nice and clean. Born as a botanical garden occupy an area of nearly 10,000 square meters assuming the form of two rectangles out of phase between them. Enjoy the refreshing shade of its nettle trees, oaks, linden trees, chestnuts, plane trees, evergreen oaks and yew trees.

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