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La Serra dei Giardini - The Greenhouse

La Serra dei Giardini - The Greenhouse La Serra dei Giardini - The Greenhouse

Located in Castello, La Serra dei Giardini is just a few minutes from the Giardini della Biennale. Historically known as Serra Margherita (Margherita Greenhouse), was built in 1894 with the intention to create a tepidarium made of glass and iron to host the palm trees and other decorative plants in use at the coeval International Art Exhibition.

After its construction, the Serra dei Giardini represented for all citizens a place of work, passed down to several generations of gardeners up to few decades ago. During the winter, the Greenhouse premises were used to maintain some species sensitive to cold but also for the production of many other plants later used to decorate the municipality flowerbeds in Venice and its islands.

At the beginning of 1990s the use of the Serra dei Giardini was discontinued and it slowly fell into decline in the following years. Thanks to an accurate restoration, the city brought back the ancient beauty of the Greenhouse in the aim of maintaining its original use, as well as to ensure its public access through botanical and naturalistic activities.


The Greenhouse is a meeting place, a pleasant setting where you can relax and read newspapers and books on gardening, a permanent display of unusual plants, an educational space for adults and families, and a cultural centre. The Greenhouse offers the following activities:

  • Cultural and educational activities, music and theatre events.
  • Coffee Shop where taste coffee, natural juices and biological products.
  • Workshops for families and kids.
  • Explore the world of plants for schools with environmental guides.
  • Flower Shop.

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