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Transport from Venice Marco Polo Airport to the city

Venice Marco Polo Airport . Venice Marco Polo Airport .

Located 12 km over land and 10 km over water from Venice, Marco Polo airport is well connected to the city by public transportation lines (water and land). You can get to Venice from Marco Polo airport either by sea or by land. Marco Polo airport is connected by land to Venice main island (Piazzale Roma, the bus terminal) by the ACTV lines; by sea to Murano, Lido and Venice main island by the Alilaguna lines.

Land route to Venice

Transfer to and from Marco Polo Airport - Venice main island by ACTV local buses

Moving by land from Marco Polo Airport to reach the historic city centre of Venice, you arrive in Piazzale Roma, the bus terminal and the end of the road in historic Venice and entrance to the Grand Canal. Marco Polo airport is connected by land to the city by the following ACTV's bus routes: AeroBus no. 5, and also no. 15 and no. 45.

Venice ACTV Airport Bus

The ACTV's no. 5 AeroBus runs every quarter hour most of the day, and takes 22-25 minutes to reach Piazzale Roma (or vice versa) with limited stops along the route. It is an easily accessible, low rise bus adapted to travel with baggage, including internal luggage racks and one low step to enter, almost at curb level.

If you want to take a journey by ACTV's bus that has Venice’s Marco Polo airport as its departure or destination, you must pay a supplement on the normal ACTV time-based Tourist Travel Cards.

On venice>connected it is possible to purchase the airport bus transfer together with the Tourist Travel Card, it costs only an additional €3.00 one way and €6.00 round trip/return; otherwise if purchased separately when you are in Venice, it costs € 5.00 one way or € 9.00 round trip/return.

Types of Tourist Travel Cards + airport bus transfer

These are the solutions available:

  • 12 hours + single for Marco Polo Airport
  • 24 hours + single for Marco Polo Airport
  • 36 hours + single for Marco Polo Airport
  • 48 hours + single for Marco Polo Airport
  • 72 hours + single for Marco Polo Airport
  • 7 days + single for Marco Polo Airport
  • 12 hours + return for Marco Polo Airport
  • 24 hours + return for Marco Polo Airport
  • 36 hours + return for Marco Polo Airport
  • 48 hours + return for Marco Polo Airport
  • 72 hours + return for Marco Polo Airport
  • 7 days + return for Marco Polo Airport

Water route to Venice

Transfer to and from Marco Polo Airport - Venice main island by Alilaguna boats

Alilaguna motoscafi water-buses

If you'd prefer to approach the city by water, you could take one of the Alilaguna motoscafi (water-buses). Alilaguna is the only public boat service serving Venice Marco Polo Airport and currently runs three routes directly to and from the airport.

Alilaguna water bus (vaporetto) routes

  • Linea Blu or Blue Line (Airport - San Marco - Cruise terminal), with intermediate stops at Murano Colonna, Fondamenta Nove, Ospedale, Bacini, Lido, Arsenale, San Zaccaria, San Marco, Zattere, and Giudecca (Hilton Molino Stucky) before reaching the cruise terminal.
  • Linea Arancio or Orange Line (Airport - San Marco) with intermediate stops at Fondamenta Nove, Madonna Dell'Orto, Guglie (railway station), San Stae, Rialto, and Sant'Angelo.
  • Linea Rossa or Red Line (Airport - Lido), with stops at Murano Museo and the main Lido stop (Santa Maria Elisabetta) on its way to Lido Casinó.

Alilaguna water-buses take about 1 hour 20 minutes to reach San Marco via Murano Colonna and the Lido on the Blue line, or slightly less on the Orange line via the Grand Canal.

The Alilaguna ticket purchased at venice>connected allows you to travel from the Marco Polo airport to the city centre of Venice (and vice versa) using the Alilaguna water-bus services. At venice>connected it is possible to purchase both one-way and return tickets on line, if at least one week in advance, discounted.

Note that ACTV's Tourist Travel Cards cannot be used on Alilaguna boats or vice versa. Alilaguna is a separate company from ACTV, the transit authority that runs Venice's public water and land buses. ACTV's Tourist Travel Cards do not cover transportation on Alilaguna airport boats.

The Alilaguna tickets purchased at //venice>connected are valid for the following routes:

  • Blue line (Linea Blu): Marco Polo airport - Murano Colonna - Fondamente Nove - Ospedale - Bacini - Lido Santa Maria Elisabetta - Arsenale - San Zaccaria Jolanda - Piazza San Marco - Zattere - Giudecca Hotel Hilton Molino Stucky - Cruise terminal or vice versa
  • Orange line (Linea Arancio): Marco Polo airport - Madonna dell’Orto - Guglie (railway station) - San Stae - Rialto - Sant’Angelo - Piazza San Marco or vice versa
  • Red line (Linea Rossa): Marco Polo airport - Murano Museo - Lido Santa Maria Elisabetta - Lido Casinò or vice versa

Types of tickets

  • Alilaguna waterbus transfer - Airport Return
  • Alilaguna waterbus transfer - Airport One Way
  • Alilaguna waterbus transfer - Airport Murano Return
  • Alilaguna waterbus transfer - Airport Murano One Way
  • Alilaguna waterbus - 24 hours
  • Alilaguna waterbus - 3 Days

You can buy both return tickets and one-way tickets, both inbound and outbound. The return tickets are valid for 30 days starting from the ticket collection date indicated at the moment of purchase.

How to collect the tickets

At your arrival in Venice, you will have to exchange your voucher - i.e. the email confirmation received by email with your PNR code - with regular tickets exclusively at the authorised Alilaguna ticket offices. Before using Alilaguna services, all vouchers must be exchanged with tickets at any of the following Alilaguna ticket offices:

  • at Marco Polo Airport dockyard
  • in front of San Marco Giardinetti Ex Reali stop and at ACTV/Alilaguna San Marco pontoon
  • at Campo San Luca (near Rialto bridge)
  • at car park Garage Comunale - Piazzale Roma
  • at car park Interparking Tronchetto - Isola Nuova del Tronchetto
  • at 103 dock or at Isonzo dock (Cruise port)

Before getting on board, don't forget to validate your ticket! Please remember that if you buy a return ticket, you must validate the ticket when used for the first time and kept it for the return trip. In case passengers do not withdraw tickets before getting on board, there is no guarantee they will be admitted on board even if they have a valid voucher.


On the Alilaguna public transport service children under 6 or under the height of one metre travel free, the others pay the full fee. Groups or families reductions are not available.

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