Best things to do in Venice, Italy
Best things to do in Venice, Italy

Giardini Savorgnan

Giardini Savorgnan, Cannaregio. Giardini Savorgnan, Cannaregio.

The Gardens are part of the Palazzo Savorgnan. Represent one of the largest green areas of the city, an area very nice and clean. Born as a botanical garden occupy an area of nearly 10,000 square meters assuming the form of two rectangles out of phase between them. Enjoy the refreshing shade of its nettle trees, oaks, linden trees, chestnuts, plane trees, evergreen oaks and yew trees.

The Giardini Savorgnan is one of the few public parks present in Venice, among which we highlight those of the Royal Gardens in San Marco and the ex-Papadopoli park at Piazzale Roma. The gardens are located just behind Palazzo Savorgnan which was built at the end of the seventeenth century by the architect Giuseppe Sardi.

The park also has an area for children with slides, swings etc. The Savorgnan park is frequented not only by children but also by many residents. Tourists who accidentally find this green space in this center took advantage sometimes to improvise a picnic or to rest from their long walks around the city.

To reach Giardini Savorgnan, take the Lista di Spagna to Campo San Geremia and after crossing Ponte delle Guglie. Continue along the Fondamenta Savorgnan and enter the garden gates. It can also be accessed by an entrance set in a side street of Campo San Geremia.

Additional Info

  • Address: Giardini Savorgnan
    Fondamenta Savorgnan,
    Cannaregio, Venezia.
  • Vaporetto: Guglie stop - Line #4.1, line #4.2, line #5.1 and line #5.2.
  • Opening Hours: From 8am to 6pm during the period of winter time,
    while it is from 8am to 8.30pm in the summer time.
  • Tickets: Free entry.

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